Mosquito net for windows in chennai

We are the leading fabricators and manufacturer of fiber glass mosquito net for window. Fiber glass net is manufactured using highest quality fiber glass yarn using sophisticated technology. Our Fiber mesh is more durable than regular plastic mosquito net. Few Characteristics of Fiber mosquito nets are, it is strong, allowing sunlight to pass through by filtering the UV rays, fire resistance, tear resistance and resistant to deform. 

Fiber Mesh Application:

It is widely used to prevent mosquito's and other insects. It is applied on windows and doors in different methods. Fiber mesh mosquito nets are not meant for bed. 

Various Methods:

Velcro Type Mosquito Net for Windows:

Velcro method is the most familiar and common among windows net. Velcro has hooks and loops, hooks and loops helps the two portion to stick firmly. Hooks are firmly stapled to the wooden frame of the window, using industrial staplers. Loops are sewed to the fiber glass mosquito net. If the window frame is wooden, and if you are looking for the economical option velcro mosquito net is the best  to choose. 

If you have a metal or UPVC window, velcro hooks has to be glued to the frame of the window. Or the other option is fixing a wooden reaper (around the windows) on the wall and installing the velcro over the reaper. Velcro mosquito net cannot be stapled on the metal or UPVC window. Hence, the above two options are viable.

Price: Price for fixing the velcro mosquito net for windows in chennai, depend on the sq.ft, structure and type of the frame (wooden or metal or UPVC), colour of the fiber glass mosquito net, and the number of windows. 

Price for fixing velcro mosquito net on wooden framed window:

Rs 30 per sq.ft to Rs 45 Per Sq.ft. 

Price for fixing velcro mosquito net on metal or upvc window using adhesive tape velcro

Rs 60 - 75 per sq.ft.

Price for fixing velcro net on metal or upvc window using wooden reaper as frame

Rs 78 - Rs 95 per sq.ft (including carpentry charges & raw materials) 


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Mosquito Net for Window in Chennai - Door Type


These type of window mosquito net are made of aluminium powder coated frames. They are extremely durable and weather proof. It uses hinges as a support and opens inside. Door type window mosquito net can be removed and washable. Aluminium frames are rust proof. 

Price: Rs 130 - 250 per sq. ft. 

Roll up mosquito net for windows in chennai

These type of mosquito nets are priced high. Mosquito net is rolled upwards and pulled downwards. 

Roll up and down action do not affect the mosquito net (fiber mesh) or the frame. Raw materials used in this type are extremely durable at the same time price is very high.

Price: Rs 275 per sq.ft to Rs 350 per sq.ft.

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