Cotton Mosquito Net

                  Deluxe Cotton Net                                                     Premium Cotton Net
Cotton Mosquito Net   Cotton Mosquito Net Box

Our Traditional Cotton mosquito nets are made of high quality cotton yarn. It is 100% cotton without mixing any other fabric. Cotton mesh has moisture absorbent qualities, which cools the temperature inside the net. 
Unlike polyester or nylon / plastic mesh, cotton mosquito net will not generate heat. Cotton netting is not allergic to skin. Hence it is safe for children and hypersensitive skin. 
Knitted cotton mesh will prevent mosquito biting and gives maximum protection from other insects. Our cotton mosquito net is ideal for both winter and summer. Our Cotton mosquito mesh is washable,durable and made of run-proof knitting.

We undertake custom made orders. Delivery time will differ according to the dimension. 

Cotton Mosquito Net price:

 Deluxe Cotton Net Size Deluxe Cotton Net
Premium Cotton Net Size Premium Cotton Net
 61/2 Foot Length * 4 Foot Width * 5 Foot Height
61/2 Foot Length * 5 Foot Width * 5 Foot Height
 7 Foot Length * 5 Foot Width * 8 Foot Height 3450
61/2 Foot Length * 6 Foot Width * 5 Foot Height
 7 Foot Length * 6 Foot Width * 8 Foot Height 3550

Color of the cotton mosquito net is always white for deluxe and premium model.

Call : (0)89393-87749 to place an order. 
Cash on deliver is available in Chennai and other major cites & town. 

Please mention Box Cotton mosquito Net while inquiring.